ANNEX II - Small Scale Hydropower - IEA Implementing Agreement

IMP Software

Integrated Method for Power Analysis (IMP 5.0) Developed with support from: Hydraulic Energy Program, CANMET- Natural Resources Canada.

IMP Software - Abstract
IMP is a convenient tool for evaluating small-scale hydroelectric power sites. By utilizing IMP (combined with the relevant meteorological and topographical data), in approximately one day of in-house study, an experienced user can evaluate all aspects of an ungauged hydro site. This includes a power study, development of a flood frequency curve and fish habitat analysis.

IMP consists of:
A Flood Frequency Analysis Model that uses topographic information specific to the site to generate the flood frequency curve.
A Watershed Model that will generate a continuous hourly or daily time series of streamflow for an ungauged site based on daily precipitation, maximum and minimum temperature and a description of the basin. The model is based on the UBC watershed model, designed for mountainous areas. The adapted watershed model has not been used or tested extensively in non-mountainous areas.

A Hydroelectric Power Simulation Model that determines the daily energy output for a run-of-river or reservoir storage site based on selected generation facilities and the hydrologic daily time series generated by the Watershed Model. An optimization routine performs a sensitivity analysis on the results of a simulation and provides an estimate of the optimal installed capacity from economic data.

A Fish Habitat Analysis Model to help determine the weighted usable area (WUA) of one or more types of fish in a particular stream cross-section at a particular flow. Weighed usable area is the area available in a stream for fish to inhabit, and is a function of discharge and fish preference.

User Manual
For user help, the IMP manual is available online with the IMP software or can be downloaded in PDF format at the link below:

IMP 5.0 is designed for Windows XP or Virtual XP.

IMP 5.0 can be successfully installed on any Windows XP while logged in with administrative privileges. Execute the IMP 5.0 installation kit and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

Download IMP Software (.ZIP)
Download IMP Manual (.PDF)
Download IMP 5 Workshop Proceedings from Austin, TX (.PDF)
Download IMP Additionnal Information (.PDF)

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