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621-1 Hydro Valley Development Program
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The main purpose of "Hydro-Valley Development Program" is to promote the development of small scale hydroelectric power plants for local consumption in regional public authorities (cities, towns, villages, etc.), where the generated electricity is consumed by themselves for local vitalization and/or creation of dream-home-town. The "Study of Hydro-Valley Planning/Development" is the feasibility study of hydropotential supported by the government, and to promote the developments of hydropower.

Features & Advantages

  • The Promotion Survey for Hydro-Valley Development Program focuses on the following:Investigation of power generation plans, demand planning, and demand balance, determining the scale of development, establishment of power supply plans, investigation of funding plans, investigation of the development and operational management systems, evaluation of economics, and overall investigations.
  • The Related Survey for Hydro-Valley Development Program focuses on the following: Geological surveys (eg. boring surveys), and preparation of topographical maps (plan, longitudinal and horizontal sections).

Technology Owner

New Energy Foundation, Hydropower Head Office, Technical Department — www.nef.or.jp


Innovative Technologies
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