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121-1 Very Low Head Turbine Generator
Electrical & Mechanical Equipment


The VLH Turbine is designed specifically for very low head sites ( 1.4 to 3.2 meters ) . The objectives of the designers of the VLH turbine was to develop a unit that requires very few civil work, is easy to install and offers a high degree of reliability at a reasonnable cost per installed KW. To achieve these goals, the VLH concept takes a completely different approach from the traditional turbine design, using large runners to practically eliminate the expensive civil structures of the traditional concept. It includes advanced technological caracteristics such as Directly driven Permanent Magnet Variable speed Generator. Finally, the VLH offers a very good environmental integration, it is noiseless and submersed, and it has a unique fish friendly capacity.

Features & Advantages

  • Fitted for Hydro Power sites with heads lower than 3.2 m
  • Integrated Variable Speed Turbo Generator for Very Low Head sites
  • Standard Range of product with 5 Turbine Runner Diameter Sizes from 3.5 up to 5.6 m diameter
  • Simplified and cost saving Civil Work infrastructure (see figures and pictures in attachments)
  • Fish Friendly Turbine.
  • Allows Profitable harnessing of very low head sites thanks to optimized reduced Civil Work Costs
  • High Performances, high efficiency and production capacity thanks to variable speed generation, and high efficiency runner performances.
  • Fish friendly turbine confirmed by tests with living salmons and eels, very low mortality of fishes migrating through the working turbine.
  • High Visual integration, submersed turbogenerator set.
  • Completely Silent and Vibration less functioning can be installed in urban areas
  • Technology Owner

Novatech-Lowatt Turbines Inc. — www.vlh-turbine.com


France with support from Canada
Innovative Technologies
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